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Guide to Managing Health and Safety in Your Workplace

Small Business Advice WeekIn support of Small Business Advice Week here in the UK, we’ve put together this quick guide offering tips and guidance on how to better manage health and safety in your workplace.

Download our infographic and check out the links for useful guides on workplace hazards, health and safety management and key health and safety statistics.

Managing Workplace Health and Safety infographic

Why should you manage workplace health and safety?

Accidents and work-related ill-health affect all types of workplaces and occupations.

Poor health and safety management can lead to high costs in terms of sick pay, absence and claims for compensation. SME’s can also find themselves facing criminal prosecution and harm to both business reputation and profitability.

The vast majority of occupational injuries, incidents and ill health are avoidable with good health and safety management.

Need extra advice on managing health and safety?

We understand that organisations face many challenges to overcome in protecting their workforce and achieving legal compliance.

Whether you need additional resources, specialist technical advice, or independent consultative support, we can work alongside you to help you to achieve your health and safety goals with our Health, Safety and Environmental support service.

3 thoughts on “Guide to Managing Health and Safety in Your Workplace

  1. Ahh this is such a great article! I’ve literally just started a small business and these kind of articles are massively helping me – so thank you! To be honest I feel really quite bad because I hadn’t massively thought about any health and safety stuff beyond first aid until recently, but it’s important and I really want my employees to be safe within the workplace. Is it recommended to do a sort of health and safety course then? Or get my employees to take one I mean? I mentioned it to one of my friends and she sent me a link to a company that did her training (this is the link: https://www.guardiansupport.co.uk/) is this a good place to get some training from? I don’t really know much about this kind of thing so any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated!!

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