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Compliance Learning Isn’t Just a Box Ticking Exercise

We all apchecklist-1622517_640preciate that there’s some training that your staff just have to do, so that you can tick the ‘compliance’ box that says they have been trained in a particular topic. Hopefully your staff will actually learn something new or pick up practical tips to improve their working practices … but this is not always the case.

One size training does NOT fit all

Training programs that include off-the-shelf online courses created by others can appear initially to be the easy answer. However, using courses that have not been designed to meet the specific needs of your employees can lead to a number of problems:

  • Standard learning outcomes that don’t quite fit the needs of your staff
  • Irrelevant parts of the course for your staff that can’t be removed or skipped
  • Disengaged staff that can’t see any value of completing the course for their job

Does this sound familiar? If so, please read on…

What is tailored online learning?

According to the corporate e-learning industry network:

“The most effective and engaging online training experiences are the ones that are relatable, offer real world benefits, and resonate with employees on a personal level.”

Tailored online learning courses offer the opportunity to provide relevant learning experiences that can be personalised for your staff.  A tailored online learning course can include:Learning location - home

  • Flexibility – learning can be done by anyone, anywhere on any device
  • Clear learning outcomes that identify and cover the specific needs of your staff
  • Relevant company policies, procedures for example risk assessments that your staff actually use in their day-to-day work
  • Workplace photos of people and places, brand colours and logos that your staff instantly recognises transforming the course into something relevant to them.

Benefits of tailored online courses

As well as providing a personal, meaningful learning experience for your employees, tailored online learning has a number of other benefits for your organisation:

Improves employee engagement

If your employees can see that the training has been designed with them in mind, to help them meet their goals, then they are more motivated to actively participate in the learning experience and apply it.

Staff understands your company’s safety messages

If you can define with the course developers the learning outcomes i.e. understand any hazards, manage their risks etc. this can then be integrated into the course using photos, images, specific procedures etc. to bring it to life in a relevant way. Staff are going to be much clearer on how it all relates to them and what they need to do as a result of completing the course.

Sample of short online tailored learning

Long-term cost savings

Worried about the costs? Don’t forget many off-the-shelf corporate online learning courses require a range of ongoing costs, including licensing and maintenance fees. Tailored online learning courses that are designed specifically for you, will be owned by you and, after the investment in course design and development, the ongoing cost is minimal. You will easily reap the return on your investment as more employees benefit from a successful learning experience.

Successful, practical learning

With any training we want staff to learn and improve or change their workplace practices or behaviours as a result. ‘Compliance’ training shouldn’t be, and doesn’t just have to be, just a box ticking exercise. Well-designed, tailored online learning experiences can provide the tools to empower staff with the practical “know-how” to work safely creating a positive safety culture.

Learn more

If you need to find out more on online tailored learning for employees read more on what is involved in Astutis online “Express” learning



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