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OSHA Announces Top 10 Safety Violations for 2016

Fall protection tops the list of top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations, 2016 – OSHA, US…

osha-logoThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced the preliminary Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations for (financial year) 2016. Deputy Director of OSHA’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs, Patrick Kapust, presented the Top 10 at the world’s largest gathering of safety professionals, the 2016 NSC Congress & Expo in Anaheim, California.

National Safety Council President and CEO, Deborah A.P. Hersman, commented:

“Every year the OSHA Top 10 serves as a guide for employers to address the biggest safety risks facing their employees.  We look forward to working with employers to reduce these incidents and ensure every workplace is on a journey to safety excellence.”

The list is a top 10 of the most frequently cited standards following federal OSHA worksite inspections in the hope that employers alerted about these commonly cited standards, can take steps to address recognized hazards in their places of work and thus prevent unnecessary injuries and illnesses.

Fall protection tops the list of top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations, 2016 – OSHA, US…
Fall protection tops the list of top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations, 2016 – OSHA, US…

In 2016, Fall protection tops the list, with 6,929 violations, followed by hazard communication, scaffolds, respiratory protection and lockout/tagout in the top five spots.

OSHA’s top 10 for 2016 are as follows:

  • Fall protection (6,929 violations)
  • Hazard communication (5,677)
  • Scaffolds (3,906)
  • Respiratory protection (3,585)
  • Lockout/tagout (3,414)
  • Powered industrial trucks (2,860)
  • Ladders (2,639)
  • Machine guarding (2,451)
  • Electrical wiring (1,940)
  • Electrical, general requirements (1,704).

Download our easy-to-follow Top 10 infographic.

Overall, this list remains fairly consistent year on year. The administration is cracking down on the leading cause of work-related fatalities, fall protection, in the construction industry, (which accounted for four in 10 in 2014 alone). Electrocutions and struck-by object hazards followed at just over 8% each. In recent months, contractors have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for failing to provide adequate fall-protection equipment and related training on how to use those devices properly.

In order to increase the stakes for employers that do not place sufficient emphasis on workplace safety and to keep pace with inflation since the fee’s last increase 26 years ago, this summer the administration raised its maximum penalty payout by a whopping 78%. Furthermore, more firms are facing OSHA inspections as a result of its’ local and regional Emphasis Programme.

OSHA has also updated its Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programmes (see our news article) and launched the Safe + Sound Campaign to promote its adoption.

The final report will be published in Safety+Health magazine’s December issue.

One thought on “OSHA Announces Top 10 Safety Violations for 2016

  1. The statistical evidence is static. In the UK falls were and are probably at the top of the list too at 26% (according to HSE Statistics 15/16) and I would be surprised if the numerical order was different from that of the USA. UK managers. practitioners of European laws and Standards accreditation no doubt would like to think that their persistence and insistence produces better results than those of our US brothers. RIDDOR reports that the death rate from accidents is levelling out. Last year’s results showed 144 person died from fatal injuries

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