International Dawn Chorus Day 2014

Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring is widely credited with helping to launch the environmental movement worldwide. This book, written in 1962, highlighted the detrimental effects on the environment—particularly on birds—of the indiscriminate use of early pesticides such as DDT.

IDCD 2014 - Find an event in your area and enjoy the sounds of Spring
International Dawn Chorus Day 4th May, 2014. Find an event in your area and enjoy the sounds of Spring

The title of the book is a specific reference to the dawn chorus which occurs when songbirds sing at the start of each new day. This is most noticeable in early spring when birds are either defending a breeding territory or trying to attract a mate.

Most of us occasionally hear bits of the dawn chorus while trying to return to sleep under the cocooned warmth of the duvet. International Dawn Chorus Day (IDCD) is designed to encourage us to leave the duvet behind and to actively celebrate this natural phenomenon.

Each year the Wildlife Trust co-ordinates ‘IDCD’ and hundreds of early-morning events take place across the UK and around the world. ‘IDCD’ 2014 is celebrated this Sunday, the 4 May. So if you fancy doing something different this Bank Holiday weekend, have a look at the Wildlife Trust’s website.

Events range in size and location. Start times are typically between 04:30 and 05:00 with most lasting around two hours.

Common birds you are likely to hear include blackbirds, robins, wrens, tawny owls, chaffinch, common pheasants and song thrushes.

Go on, give the duvet a break, and enjoy one of the true delights of nature.

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