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A forum for advice, sharing tips and commenting on the latest articles and regulatory developments, our blog seeks to challenge opinions and change perceptions of health and safety in the workplace.

So, if matters of Health and Safety or the Environment form part of your role at work, or you are studying for your qualification to get on the career ladder in this field; stay tuned…you might find something useful.

About Astutis

At Astutis, we are committed to helping our clients create a positive health, safety and environmental culture within their organisations by providing tailored advice and market-leading training solutions in the classroom and online. Led by an experienced management team of industry professionals with a reputation for delivering high-quality training over the last 20 years, Astutis launched in January 2011 with 3 UK training venues.

It is the passion and drive of its Senior Management Team that has seen Astutis become one of the leading providers of NEBOSH courses across the globe.
L-R: David Lea, Chairman; Steve Terry, MD and Brenig Moore, Operations Director.

Today we are the fastest-growing provider of HSE services in the UK, with 19 UK venues as well training locations in the Middle East, North America, Africa and Asia. This is coupled with a comprehensive suite of online learning and distance learning courses which are supported by our international network of exam centres.

Over 900 organisations have trusted us with their health and safety and environmental staff development plans and on average, 170 new learners enrol with us each week.

Our Senior Management Team has over 20 years valuable industry experience each. Seeing a niche in the market for a high-end, service-orientated health, safety and environmental training and consultancy firm, they formed a partnership and Astutis was born.

It is their passion and drive that has seen Astutis become one of the leading providers of NEBOSH, IOSH and IEMA courses across the globe.

It’s an Evolutionary Business

It struck us that since the inception of Astutis in January 2011, we have seen an unprecedented period of reviews, consolidation and updating of health and safety legislation and guidance in the UK and where better to have a ’round-up’ than our first blog post?

Our Operations Director Bren has provided the synopsis below on some of the key issues affecting Health and Safety over the past few years:

The Lofstedt Review In March 2011, the government commissioned a review to “consider the opportunities for reducing the burden of health and safety legislation on UK businesses whilst maintaining the progress made in improving health and safety outcomes”. This was to be chaired by Professor Ragnar Lofstedt, Director of the King’s Centre for Risk Management at King’s College, London.

The government legislated for Lofstedt’s recommendations with the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 (ERRA). Part 5 of ERRA deals with the reduction of legislative burdens and section 69 (Civil liability for breach of health and safety duties) amends section 47(2) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 removing the right to sue using the tort of breach of statutory duty (unless the health and safety provision in question specifically provides for a civil right of action).

Shortly after the Loftsted Review, the HSE commissioned Richard Matthews QC to report on the potential for consolidation of the core set of health and safety regulations to provide clarity and savings for businesses. The Matthews Report or – “Consolidation: the practicality and effects of the options for consolidating health and safety Regulations” was published in December 2012.

The Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Repeals, Revocations and Amendments) Regulations came into force on 6 April 2013 and repealed or revoked thirteen items of health and safety legislation (such as the Construction head Protection regulations 1999, and the Notification of Conventional Tower Crane Regulations 2010) because they had either been overtaken by more up to date Regulations, are were redundant or did not deliver the intended benefits.

2013 also saw:


Most recently, on the 31st March 2014, the HSE opened a 10-week consultation on proposals to replace the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007).

Key changes proposed included:

  • Replacement of the CDM co-ordinator role with a principal designer role within the project team
  • Introducing a duty on information, instruction, training and supervision to replace the duty to assess competence
  • Removal of the domestic client exemption and transfer of these limited duties to the contractor/designer and
  • Replacement of the ACoP with tailored guidance

In short, it looks like 2014 has not been denied the same levels of transformation as those of it’s ‘fore-years’.

Keep an eye on our blog for information on how reforms could affect you and your industry and get on board – we appreciate your involvement and comments. Take a look at our comment policy for further information.

If you would like advice or training relating to any of the points raised in this blog post, please visit our website or get in touch with one of our NEBOSH trained advisors.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Blog

  1. And will the decision to prosecute be based on non-compliance with industry self-produced guidance? Not long to wait now for the answers…

  2. I have concerns with AcoPs being replaced with “Tailored Guidance”, will the new “Tailored Guidance”, be able to be used as evidence in court? As at present Guidance does not. Just a thought.

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